Whatsapp Business Message Trend In India

The Trend of WhatsApp India in Businesses

Haven’t you downloaded WhatsApp yet? If not, then what are you waiting for! The biggest change over that occurred in the messaging world was when WhatsApp was discovered.

Over time, it has become the most popular app used by people all over the world for texting and managing businesses. This social messaging application was acquired by Facebook at a cost of $19billion in 2014. It later became the world’s fastest-propelling communication application.

It later became the world’s fastest-propelling communication application.

By January 2015, over a billion people around the globe became regular and agile WhatsApp customers. The WhatsApp India application used by the customers shared over 800 million images and 120 million videos every day. In the country of India, the application has become more renowned than Facebook and even the labors are on it. It has already taken over the SMS feature and is rapidly becoming the foremost means of communication.

As the casual messaging grew over WhatsApp, developers also developed WhatsApp business account for carrying out all the business applications This was the feature, all would have been craving for business.

Whatsapp Business Message Trend In India bulk whatsapp  business messaging.

The WhatsApp business message connects thousands of clients & firms that are already working with personal WhatsApp accounts. The firms are using the WhatsApp for generating leads, managing customer-client relationships and customer care services.

So, just think of taking all the existing WhatsApp texts out from the personal space, & and start with the WhatsApp Business Account through the app of WhatsApp business or API? All the techniques and prospects of bulk WhatsApp marketing is well-taken care by SMS provider named Mobonair, which is persistently working in this field to aid marketing practices for firms and enterprises through its promotional messages and transactional message services.  

How to use WhatsApp in businesses?

Here are the methods by which Mobonair aids the customers to use WhatsApp in their businesses.

1.The usage of WhatsApp for the communication with team

As soon as any firm develops a new method or tool for the company benefits, the implementation requires internal communication with the team. But, what happens is that employees tend to neglect the official emails regarding the new tools. However, if the service is given through WhatsApp business message many would react to it as they regularly remain online on WhatsApp.

The best part about WhatsApp is the ability of it to indulge everyone to use it without any pre-requisite training. The other advantage is that one doesn’t require to ask the team management for checking the WhatsApp again and again. Mobonair ensures the formation of groups related to Sales & Marketing on WhatsApp and follows instant messages which don’t require any email. The services are quite fast and easy to use. Through WhatsApp Web, it becomes relatively easy to enter messages via a web browser.

2.    The usage of WhatsApp for communication with customers

It is well researched and known fact that follow-ups on WhatsApp are more effective than telephonic calls and tend to bring more success to a firm. As no one likes to receive calls from numbers that are not known, the customers are more likely to reply to personal messages through WhatsApp anytime they are online.

The business account feature of WhatsApp brings great level of customer coordination and engagement. Apart from that, it provides an opportunity to be informal and be in the personal space of the clients. Like for an example, a firm sends a quotation to the potential customers but haven’t got any response from them, in that case, you would call them or forward a mail through a formal language.

But with growing times, the trend has changed and if you just reply with a message on WhatsApp knowing for the status, it might turn out to be more effective. By this, many small firms have grown over time and even they use WhatsApp for announcing creative offers & sending wishes to their clients. The WhatsApp’s voice feature also allows interacting with international customers.

3.     24 X 7 customer support through WhatsApp

WhatsApp India is a great option for supporting customers at a large magnitude. The clients always try to send a text through WhatsApp in place of calling at the helpdesk or issuing a ticket. Mobonair, a chat development platform encompasses the use of WhatsApp for supporting the clients whenever needed. Many product consultations and detailed study can be easily accomplished over WhatsApp.

Even, the new businesses which provide tools & API facility are setting up a support system for customers via WhatsApp. However, the offer made to customers through WhatsApp can be a good option for only some of the firms but still, it can be used as a means to contribute to marketing strategies.

For telecommunication firms, it may not be a feasible option to reply to every text of WhatsApp & hence many companies may not prefer it. So, select the WhatsApp business account as a means of support to the customers in the case if the firm is having quite less number of requests.

4.     WhatsApp messages for Marketing strategies & Promotional messages

WhatsApp has been realized as a powerful tool for marketing any kind of product. It is a single platform for directly communicating with the listeners. One can use the WhatsApp application for sending images, audios, video clips for the products and texts around the globe. There is a very little restriction on WhatsApp qualities in comparison to an SMS or Email and chances of delivering are also high. This doesn’t state that companies should create a nuisance with the customers through WhatsApp messages.

However, one should use the WhatsApp for connecting with the existing old customers in place of trying with the new users. No one likes the messages popping from the unknown sources and if one gets a really exciting response then, they need to come up with the great ideas for promoting the business through WhatsApp.

Many FMCG companies like Colgate call for people for sending photos of them with smiles through WhatsApp which promotes the brand and gives a lucrative option to win exciting prizes.

5.     Developing the requirement of WhatsApp business message

Many firms are building new ventures through WhatsApp as a place to flourish their business in an affordable way. Let’s have a view at the usage of WhatsApp which gives an idea for the projects of firms.

WhatsApp for ordering food

Many local restaurants & hotels are catering to the services of delivering food options using a WhatsApp message through menus and payments after order. Even the payment receipts can also be downloaded through the WhatsApp. Customers can coordinate very easily through WhatsApp.

Consult for medicines

Many doctors are now offering medical benefits and offer on WhatsApp. However, it is still not able to replace the in-person visit but one can anytime message the doctor and talk about the general medical queries. Also, the medical retails now consider the photos of the doctor’s prescription and deliver the medicines.

Public Services

Many government departments are now bulk WhatsApp messaging for coordinating with common citizens for any sort of notification and important updates or complaints. The Transport Corporation is giving a bus helpline facility through WhatsApp. The service is readily accepted for numerous complaints and problems from bus passengers.

Difference between promotional and transactional SMS

Both transactional and promotional SMS can be sent via WhatsApp business accounts with the aid of the Mobonair Chat Messaging Plan. So, let’s see the difference between both types of messages.

Mobonair provides a service of promotional messages which provide instant permission for transferring bulk SMS to many users in no time. The gateway services of Mobonair allows promoting the services and products to the clients with ease. The feature of instant messaging provides the delivery reports for analyzing the time lapsed and a number of messages sent to the client.

These promotional messages are sent by default to the receiver for clients who need to spread their services and aid people in updating their customers or receive new clients or leads. There are 3 gateway methods to deal with the clients and it needs only non-DND numbers to function.

Mobonair does not settle for low quality with the customers in accordance with the pricing instant delivery. It also aids you in sending SMS to the benefitted customer base. The customers are targeted on the basis of their wealth, age, gender, place, work station, etc.

Mobonair offers different services like transactional & promotional messages which are needed for bulk messaging by firms or enterprises.

All these methods of digital services are used for critical messages like alerts for shares, transaction alerts of banks, college, and school reschedule SMS, important marked events, SOS emergency situation alerts, etc.

The beginning of online deliveries is also regulated with the transaction done by the customer like signing up on the app, confirming the order, order delivery time and many more.

Mobonair is having 5 determined gateway systems and 1 back up the gateway for the top priority clients that invest a huge sum of money.

Mobonair is a leader in high priority messaging service and its clients really like its transactional message service.

It provides DND open system for the service with an option to opt for keyword-based systems & templates for the white list system. Mobonair does not charge any security deposits from the clients.

The services are timely delivered to both the DND and non-DND numbers with a set of 6 character ID. The features of the transactional message by Mobonair are similar to the promotional messages service as seen above.

Hence, use the WhatsApp business messages to good effect for taking businesses to the next level.

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