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There are so many Bulk SMS Software service providers in India currently who offer the bulk SMS software for both startups and established business. It is too hard to select among the service provider as a startup it according to me uses the SMS service for creating brand awareness and communicating the general public through SMS. But to use this type of Services and select the Best Bulk SMS Service Provider Company in India among the different the Bulk SMS service provider company is not as simple as a child’s play. One Should Always need to consider both pricing as well as quality in a similar way. As We Are Involve in digital marketing services from past three years and we have seen many startups initially considering the low pricing factor and completely ignoring the high-quality service level which led to huge disaster for the business in the initial phase. Thus We Always Should Prefer the SMS service provider who provides high quality, hassle-free services at really affordable prices in India.

Bulk SMS Software can be checked b on below points:

bulk sms software in india   bulk sms services

SMS Delivery Speed:   SMS Delivery is a parameter of the percentage of all outgoing deliver SMS. There is not any particular fixed time frame for measuring Message or text SMS but it should get delivered within 4 to 10 seconds on every valid and reachable mobile number. If SMS is not getting delivered within 10 seconds on the valid number, You must re-consider it before selecting that SMS gateway provider.

API Integration: Automation is a very important thing to save time and cost. Also, automation is most important to avoid human errors. our SMS APIs help business to automate text messages sent to vendors or end-customers. text SMS API must be simple, strong and easy to integrate into all codings.

Delivery ratio: SMS providers can play around with the delivery ratio in order to have higher profits. Since people generally send text messages in bulk, it becomes very tough to manually track the delivery and vendors take advantage of this only. So before using SMS services always make sure that you get complete transparency around delivery statistics and SMS delivery ratio it must be more than 97% delivery ratio on total valid and reachable mobile numbers.

SMS-Addon/Plugins: It is very hard to write code for all the actions, Some code must be re-usable. With e-commerce, there are some popular platforms like Magento and woo commerce where it should be an option of extension and plugin to enable SMS functionality. Also, SMS Gateway must have the option to get integrate with other platforms like CRMs/ ERP and similar platforms to save integration time and cost.

Security: Bulk SMS Route Interface should be highly secure enough to send Text SMS. You can check this factor before selecting the Text SMS gateway partner for your business.

Pricing: Everyone, like to get low-cost product/service with the best quality but Most of the time low cost, does not come with high quality. Good quality items always have a good price.

Technical Specification You Should Consider While dealing with bulk SMS Software :

  • Associated operators
  • Throughput – to match your requirement
  • Interface features and stability
  • MIS capacity and efficiency
  • Service and Support quality
  • Experience in business
  • Authorized To Sell or not
  • Of-course the pricing

Reasons To Consider Bulk SMS Software In Your Business

  • It helps for the fastest reaching the customers directly and ensures the delivery of messages to the targeted individual.
  • This is a low-cost solution and serves to be the significant choice of advertisement and marketing to promote business
  • It helps in creating brand  awareness about newly introduced products and thus approach huge numbers of potential marketers and customers in less duration
  • Businesses can send relevant text information to a specific group of customers in just a few clicks to go and thus save a huge amount of time
  • This will be the easiest executable marketing strategy
  • It can increase sales remarkably and generate repeat sales with good profit
  • It boosts up the exposure of brands among people
  • Enables sending highly customized text messages to the selected or group of customers, which is personalized too
  • It helps send value-added solutions at possible marginal cost and enables automatic relay of any important information essential for future projects
  • Business people can more potentially interact with individual customers or groups of the customer in a better manner that helps promote business.

How does bulk SMS work in India ?

bulk sms service

Bulk SMS works fine in India because most of the people still read SMS because they got bored from social media channels and most of the social media channels shares entertainment and infotainment but SMS is the medium through which  a person gets their transaction details like OTP and etc. therefore people are sensitive for SMS.

Bulk SMS Services

bulk sms serviceThere are big chances to get viewed your message by people if you send them SMS. Even emails are ignored but SMS are atleast viewed even without opening it. If they have smart phones and your message starting lines tells all about your business then your message will be fruitful for you and you can gather many people.

But one thing you should take care that never send SMS to DND numbers. Some of the people keep their mobile out from advertisement and marketing, so they starts Do not Disturb services in their mobile and resultant your message will not be sent to those numbers who are having DND activation.

Majority people do not have DND activation. So, you have clear path for bulk sms services. There are also bulk sms providers who give access to send SMS to dnd numbers too. You can get their details through search engines.

Now the question rises, how you can gather numbers for sending bulk sms. You can get online directories according to your customer base and there are also database providers at online market places to provide you contact details of your desired users. First get numbers and then buy one bulk sms services and start your online business through bulk sms services right now. You can gain maximum results through bulk sms servicesbut not with social media services. So, you should start using bulk sms services rather than social media.


5 secret of bulk sms

Bulk SMS Blog |Tips To Get More Response Rate By Bulk SMS Marketing

bulk sms service

Knowing how you can do effective SMS marketing is not enough, you also need to choose a reliable bulk SMS provider who could offer you multiple features and best-in-class delivery in terms of rates and speed.

There are various tips and tricks people use to give them good response rates. I have written some of them to help you out.

1. Include a clear call to action

2. Track your campaigns and optimize

3. Be prepared and know when your customers respond

4. Be concise and keep it short

5. Find the right frequency


Advice – Always keep in mind below things before choosing bulk sms service provider ; 

so , i am telling you whether it is for promotional bulk SMS or transactional SMS updates and OTPs – demands more rigor than a simple price comparison. The impact of your SMS campaigns depends on multiple factors including delivery rate, delivery speed, uptime, scalability, compliance, security, support, and campaign customization options. What’s more, you need to account for various hidden charges and UI/API limitations that increase your overall costs, directly or indirectly.

You need to know the 5 points to remember before purchasing bulk SMS, but in reality to need to keep these 10 points in mind.

  1. Maximum Delivery for Maximum Returns

Why it matters: Local SMS providers and resellers are often connected to a single operator or aggregator via a rudimentary SMS gateway. Any glitch in this connectivity – and there are many such glitches through the day – often means a delayed or missed SMS (and, lost transactions)!

          2. Send SMS Campaigns your Customers Love

Why it matters: Personalized media-rich SMS campaigns are proven to be more effective than plain-vanilla bulk SMS campaigns. With Textlocal’s unique award-winning features , you can quickly craft such campaigns saving both time and resources.

3. Authentic Reports = Right Decisions

Why it matters: From validating your database to measuring the campaign reach, it is helpful to have authentic delivery reports. Watch out for fraudulent SMS providers that provide fake delivery reports to make up for the ridiculously low prices.

4. Powerful SMS APIs for Easy Integration

Why it matters: Our powerful SMS APIs help you with deeper integration, faster go-to-market, and lower development effort! Beware of local SMS providers that provide limited API functionality and offline documentation as they can significantly increase your development costs.

5. Scale with Confidence

Why it matters: Indian SMS industry is quite crowded with various fly-by-night SMS providers and resellers. We believe it is important to choose a proven, trusted partner for your business critical SMS communications.

6. Measure, Modify and Maximize Campaign Effectiveness

Why it matters: For the first time ever, you can now track campaign effectiveness using click-through data as an indicator for customer engagement. Maximize campaign returns by fine-tuning your messages and the campaign times via iterative A/B tests!

7. Benefit from the Most Loved Customer Support

Why it matters: We take pride in helping every customer get the best returns for his campaigns, irrespective of the deal size. Get in touch and let us help you get your business SMS communications setup right!

8. Clear and Honest Pricing with Zero Hidden Charges

Why it matters: Beware of SMS vendors who lure customers with cheap SMS pricing but who pile up various hidden charges including API fee, platform subscription fee, higher pricing for transactional SMS, transactional account fees, Sender ID fees and so on.

9. Robust Infrastructure for Near-Zero Downtime

Why it matters: Business-critical SMS alerts and OTPs demand a platform that’s up 24 hours a day, every day of the year. An unscheduled downtime can mean lost business or worse, disgruntled customers! Most of the cheap SMS providers lack both technology and resources to build and maintain a resilient back end infrastructure.

     10. Protect Your Valuable Customer Data

Taking data privacy and security policies seriously and rigorously enforce them at all levels, minimizing the risk of any leaks, hacks and breaches.

Why it matters: Data security should be of utmost importance for any business as unscrupulous SMS vendors often share your hard-earned customer data with other customers to make up for their low pricing. The damage can be quite severe if the customer data is shared with your competitor.

thus on the basis of above parameters we are suggesting  India’s No.1 bulk SMS provider. With an intelligent gateway that knows to push SMS through routes that would ensure faster delivery to ensuring TRAI regulations are met by scrubbing your database for DND numbers .

  1.  MobonAir Wireless Pvt Ltd 
  2. Astral Promotion
  3. Bulk SMS Store
  4. Lucknow Bulk SMS

SMS Marketing Tips | How people can get good response from Bulk SMS service ?

sms marketing tips

SMS Marketing Tips 

Hello Friends , In order to get good response from customers through Bulk SMS Service there are some ways to get it done correctly.

Here are the some of tips on SMS Marketing

  1. Be brief and focused.
    Text message should be laser focused and succinct. There’s no room for fluff in mobile marketing. Know who your target audience is and speak directly to it. Leave out extraneous details and simply describe how to take advantage of your offer and its benefits.
  2. Avoid hype, slang and abbreviations.
    If your text message looks like spam, consumers will delete it without a second thought. It’s critical that you leave out anything that might seem too slick and promotional. That includes marketing hype like “amazing” offers, slang and text abbreviations, all of which cheapen the perception of your brand and can destroy your campaign.
  3. Offer something of immediate value. No one wants to receive texts from a company unless the messages offer something of immediate value. Because text messaging is an instantaneous medium, you should include real-time offers. Whether you’re providing information about a sale or a new product, the message should describe the benefits of acting now.
  4. Identify yourself.
    How often have you received a text that doesn’t identify the company or brand? Instead, you often see a phone number you don’t recognize and a vague message that could have come from any number of companies. And how often have you simply deleted those anonymous messages? It’s essential that you clearly identify your business or brand to avoid getting the spam treatment.
  5. Make consumers feel special.
    Don’t clutter consumers’ text message inboxes with offers and news they could easily get from your website or your brick-and-mortar locations. Instead, make recipients of your texts feel they’re special and have qualified for an exclusive promotion. Otherwise, they will most likely opt out of receiving any future texts from you.

Examples of Mobile Marketing Texts

Here are a few sample texts to help you avoid mistakes and write an effective marketing message:

  1. Bad Example: low prices at XYZ purse[dot]com almost 2G2BT. Miss these prices AYOR.
  2. Bad Example: Hello! Did you see this sale? abc[dot]com  get your bag before it’s too late.

Both texts include the hype, abbreviations and slang that can hurt your campaign.

Now, look at some good examples:

  1. Good Example : 50% off all leather laptop bags purse atabc[dot]com for the next 48 hours only. Use coupon code GETITNOW50 at checkout.
  2. Good Example : XYZ Bags 50% off leather laptop bags through 3/31/12. Show this message to store manager to get half off. Find a store: www[dot]xyzbags[dot]com
  3. Good Example: The inaugural MEGA SPORTS SALE Event is on this SATURDAY. Hurry while stocks last! Reply ‘Y’ to confirm a spot!
  4. Good Example: Receive DISCOUNTS on delicious breakfast specials! Text “YUM” to 687474 and get a FREE muffin with your next coffee!

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