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There are so many Bulk SMS Software India currently who offer the bulk SMS software India for both startups and established business. It is too hard to select among the service provider as a startup it according to me uses the SMS service for creating brand awareness and communicating the general public through SMS. But to use this type of Services and select the Best Bulk SMS Software Provider Company in India among the different the Bulk SMS service provider company is not as simple as a child’s play. One Should Always need to consider both pricing as well as quality in a similar way. As We Are Involve in digital marketing services from past three years and we have seen many startups initially considering the low pricing factor and completely ignoring the high-quality service level which led to huge disaster for the business in the initial phase. Thus We Always Should Prefer the SMS service provider who provides high quality, hassle-free services at really affordable prices in India.

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Bulk SMS Software India can be checked b on below points:

SMS Delivery Speed:   SMS Delivery is a parameter of the percentage of all outgoing deliver SMS. There is not any particular fixed time frame for measuring Message or text SMS but it should get delivered within 4 to 10 seconds on every valid and reachable mobile number. If SMS is not getting delivered within 10 seconds on the valid number, You must re-consider it before selecting that SMS gateway provider.

API Integration: Automation is a very important thing to save time and cost. Also, automation is most important to avoid human errors. our SMS APIs help business to automate text messages sent to vendors or end-customers. text SMS API must be simple, strong and easy to integrate into all codings.

Delivery ratio: SMS providers can play around with the delivery ratio in order to have higher profits. Since people generally send text messages in bulk, it becomes very tough to manually track the delivery and vendors take advantage of this only. So before using SMS services always make sure that you get complete transparency around delivery statistics and SMS delivery ratio it must be more than 97% delivery ratio on total valid and reachable mobile numbers.

SMS-Addon/Plugins: It is very hard to write code for all the actions, Some code must be re-usable. With e-commerce, there are some popular platforms like Magento and woo commerce where it should be an option of extension and plugin to enable SMS functionality. Also, SMS Gateway must have the option to get integrate with other platforms like CRMs/ ERP and similar platforms to save integration time and cost.

Security: Bulk SMS Route Interface should be highly secure enough to send Text SMS. You can check this factor before selecting the Text SMS gateway partner for your business.

Pricing: Everyone, like to get low-cost product/service with the best quality but Most of the time low cost, does not come with high quality. Good quality items always have a good price.

Technical Specification You Should Consider While dealing with bulk SMS Software India :

  • Associated operators
  • Throughput – to match your requirement
  • Interface features and stability
  • MIS capacity and efficiency
  • Service and Support quality
  • Experience in business
  • Authorized To Sell or not
  • Of-course the pricing

Reasons To Consider Bulk SMS Software India In Your Business

  • It helps for the fastest reaching the customers directly and ensures the delivery of messages to the targeted individual.
  • This is a low-cost solution and serves to be the significant choice of advertisement and marketing to promote business
  • It helps in creating brand  awareness about newly introduced products and thus approach huge numbers of potential marketers and customers in less duration
  • Businesses can send relevant text information to a specific group of customers in just a few clicks to go and thus save a huge amount of time
  • This will be the easiest executable marketing strategy
  • It can increase sales remarkably and generate repeat sales with good profit
  • It boosts up the exposure of brands among people
  • Enables sending highly customized text messages to the selected or group of customers, which is personalized too
  • It helps send value-added solutions at possible marginal cost and enables automatic relay of any important information essential for future projects
  • Business people can more potentially interact with individual customers or groups of the customer in a better manner that helps promote business.

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