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What is the best time to send bulk SMS Marketing ?

Everyone has different time frames to use mobile in leisure and according to their working niche. I will let you know best time frames to send bulk SMS to people.

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1. House Wife Women – Try to send bulk SMS after 12 at noon. This is one of the best time send SMS to house wives because they get free at this time and they can make decision this point of time. After this, they will be very busy and most of the house wives sleep between 2.30 to 5.00 at evening.

2. Service Provider Owners – Here, you should send SMS at mid of the day after 3.00 to 5.00 pm because these people have good spare time in between 3 to 5 because at morning they have to distribute work and at the end they have to talk for next day working. 3 to 5 is leisure time for them.

3. Product Manufacturer Owners – If you are looking to send SMS to them then you should send SMS at 3 to 5, same as service providers.

4. Employees – Employees try to read SMS after their lunch, so according to their lunch timing, you can send SMS to them. If you are looking for IT industry’s employees, then you should send bulk SMS after 1pm.

5. Shopkeepers – Shopkeepers try to read out messages after 5pm at evening. Because they get bored the whole day and at this point of time they like to read out something different and if this time your message rings then your probability to getting sales is higher than other time frame.

These are some time frames, which you can use to

send bulk SMS

to people, still you should research before sending bulk SMS to your desired niche people.

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