5 Secrets You Don’t Know About Bulk SMS

bulk sms

With the help of bulk SMS, you can send a lot of messages quickly and easily through a PC. Bulk SMS has been used widely in recent years for marketing campaigns and have gained a lot of popularity. Bulk SMS is used for different campaigns today, such as sending greetings, party and event invitations, request a brochure, product promotions, discounts, or other purposes. Here’s what you need to consider when looking for bulk SMS services.


Price – It is quite a very important concern because of high volume of traffic. Price combined with reliability and quality of service should be balanced well to get the most of your bulk SMS campaigns.


Reliability – You need to ensure that there is no issue with bulk SMS service. Usual reliability problems are no delivery reports, message delays, no messages coming, and not setting sender ID. These should be avoided in your bulk SMS campaign.


Scheduling – It means bulk SMS should be sent at the right time and date. There are different situations you need to consider. Don’t send messages in odd hours like late night and when recipients are at work. Also avoid sending message on last moment unless you are offering some incentive as part of your campaign.


Attractive – The content of your bulk SMS should also be attractive and catchy. It should convey your message to your target audience. You need to create the ideal message for your product. Messages should be short as well. Lengthy messages are usually ignored. People love to read informative and useful message.


Option to send group messages – Be sure to choose bulk SMS service which has option to select groups and contacts, before sending message to a large number of people at the same time, either from contacts list or all users in a specific area.


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